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Education empowers us to lead a better life and builds our capabilities to make the right choices. However not all have had the privilege to receive formal education. Most times, circumstances are unfavorable which compel children to stay out of school; more often than not they end up in tragic situations - as child labourers, beggars, alcoholics, drug addicts or worse - prostitution, slavery or victims of child trafficking. Don’t you think you have a moral responsibility to help them out? We believe we do. If you believe that you can make a difference – come forward and connect with us!

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About us

Kutumba Education And Knowledge Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization, founded in January 2016.

Kutumba believes that illiteracy is the root cause of the stagnation of an individual and the country as a whole. Hence, our aim is to develop the country at the grassroots level and upwards.

Kutumba strives to educate slum children in Maharashtra state while providing the essential skills required for a child's personal development. Our focus is to motivate and help outperform traditional norms to create a ladder for underprivileged children, our modest contribution towards national educational development. We are raising funds to establish more centers for slum children across Maharashtra.

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